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Photography Studio 1
Photography Studio 2
Photography Studio 1B
Photography Studio 1
Photography Studio 1A
Photography Studio 1
Photography Studio 2
Photography Studio 1
Photography Studio 1
Photography Studio 1

Now for the technical stuff:

We have 3 photographic studios in our City Hub campus and a compact darkroom available for independent work.


Our larger photographic studio is divided into two spaces separated by a curtain which can be used for privacy to separate the two spaces or to open them up to be used a sole teaching space.

Our secondary studio is a larger singular workspace, this can be booked for one photoshoot at a time.

Our darkroom is also location at the back of our second studio, this is a compact space but is ideal for students who are working independently on college work, or their own personal projects.

All of our photography students will have access to our larger darkroom which is available over at our Stoney Street Campus.

Our studios are fitted with high glide grid lighting, this allows for a full range of motion when setting up lighting for a photography shoot. 

This keeps the lights off the floor allowing full length shoots to be brought out further away from the backdrop without any obstructions. The lights can be positioned anywhere along the high glide system to provide a range of different lighting set ups, whether for product shoots, portrait, full body, low key, or high key set ups.

The high glide system in studio 1 is fitted with 3 Interfit S1A lights, whilst studio 2 is fitted with Bowens MXS500 lights, these are all LED lights so they can run continually for a hours on a long shoot without overheating. These lights also have a built in trigger system, this means that with one attachment that will fit on the top of the camera it will trigger the lighting system. It also allows the brightness and strength of the lights to be adjusted from the top of the camera so that all lights can remain in the correct position without needing to be moved.

Two of the photography spaces are also fitting with a trio backdrop system that attaches to the High Glide, this allows backdrop rolls to be suspended from the height of the ceiling, this gives a photographer more freedom with their images as they are able to photograph a subject at full length and standing. 

At our city hub campus we also have our photography store room, this houses our photography technician who is always on hand to assist students in the studio with shoots, changing backdrops, setting up lights, or just with what equipment they might need for a particular shoot.

We have a range of equipment available to loan from the photography store such as:

-A range of Canon & Nikon DSLRS:

  • Canon 1300Ds

  • Canon 2000Ds

  • Canon 4000Ds

  • Canon 600Ds

  • Canon 700Ds

  • Canon 550Ds

  • Canon 6D

  • Nikon D3200s

  • Nikon D3300s

  • Nikon D3400s

-LED lighting panels available for filming & location photography.

-Canon/Newer/ Godox Speedlight's.

-A range of additional Canon lenses designed to fit our Canon DSLRs. These range from standard kit lenses, 50mm Prime lenses up to 300mm zoom lenses.

-Tripods for film work & photography

-Audio equipment:

  • Tascam's audio recorders

  • Shotgun Mics

  • LAV Mics

  • Zoom recorders


-Sony HD Handycams

-A range of 35mm Film cameras, we have different models from the brands below:

  • Canon

  • Minolta

  • Pentax

  • Olympus

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